Forthcoming exhibitions


Major Baden-Württemberg Special Exhibition

28.10. 2017–11.2.2018

After the success of the 2014/15 exhibition Degas: Classicism and Experimentation, this exhibition takes a look at the work of his most important contemporary, Paul Cézanne (1839–1906). Due to his tendency to abstract the elements of his pictures, Cézanne counts as one of the forerunners of modernist painting. This exhibition expands this approach, interpreting Cézanne’s art from a position of productive tension, in which innovative pictorial processes become just as powerful as the creative appropriation of images from art history. The Karlsruhe exhibition is therefore consciously not arranged chronologically as a retrospective, but rather as a themed exhibition, which opens up a new perspective onto this artist’s seemingly so well-known oeuvre. more

Paul Cézanne, View of the Sea at L'Estaque, 1883-1885, SKK