Forthcoming exhibitions

Everything is a cutout

Matthias Mansen: Potsdamer Strasse
26 january – 31 march 2019


At the beginning of the year 2019, works by Matthias Mansen, one of the world’s most famous contemporary engravers, are to be exhibited at the Orangerie of the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe.


Mansen was born in Ravensburg, studied at Karlsruhe’s Academy of the Fine Arts from 1978 to 1984 and has been living and working in Berlin for several decades. For his engravings, he mainly uses discarded wood that he finds in the city, such as floorboards which he considers “urban driftwood”.


As the title indicates, the exhibition Cutting to the chase. Matthias Mansen: Potsdamer Strasse is dedicated to one of Berlin’s main avenues: Potsdamer Strasse, a street that has seen a great deal of German history. Once a road leading to the royal palaces of Potsdam, it was the most heavily travelled street after the foundation of the German Empire. The Sportpalast and the Volksgerichtshof, two important buildings in the Nazi era, stood here as well, but Potsdamer Strasse progressively decayed after the partition of Berlin.

Matthias Mansen: Potsdamer Straße C, 2012 © André Longchamp, Genf

Light and Canvas

3 march – 19 june 2019


The invention of photography in 1839 fascinated the public and turned the production of images upside down. The new process made it possible to render reality with previously unachieved precision and more rapidly than ever before.


One consequence was the redefinition of the ability of pictures to render reality. The exhibition recounts the history of the relationships between painters and photographers over two generations in the 19th century — a history characterised by the pride, existential fears and pleasure of experimentation of the artists.


This exhibition was developed in collaboration with Nuremberg’s Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

Heinrich Kühn: Holländische Wäscherin, about 1900
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

Hans Baldung Grien

Great exhibition under the patronage of the State of Baden-Württenberg

30 November 2019 – 8 March 2020


Hans Baldung Grien (1484/85 – 1545) is one of the most original artists of the 16th century: he not only gave very personal interpretations of traditional themes, but also broke fresh ground, going down in art history for his imposing retables and intimate devotional images, sensual nudes and erotic allegories, as well as portraits, pictures of witches and representations of humanistic beliefs. A contemporary of profound social changes, Baldung rendered the world around him in highly personal, fascinating works — richly coloured paintings, virtuoso designs and powerful wood engravings — many of which stand out for their eccentricity.


The great exhibition held at Kunsthalle Karlsruhe under the patronage of the State of Baden-Württemberg pays homage to this major artist of the Renaissance. The first Baldung retrospective in sixty years (the last one having also been held at the Kunsthalle in 1959), this exhibition will take the latest scientific discoveries into account and open new perspectives on the artist, offering a comprehensive overview with works from the museum's collection being supplemented by a number of works on loan from various international institutions.