Poetry & Passion

Alexandra Huber

19 October 2013 – 16 Feburary 2014

Powerful, colourful and humorous – these three words best describe the large-scale acrylics, collages and drawings by Munich artist Alexandra Huber.
Her world of simple, reduced figures is reminiscent of the art pioneered by Jean Dubuffet, known as Art Brut, which was primarily modelled on the spontaneous and direct artworks of children. Alexandra Huber is an acute observer of scenes from everyday life, moods and dreams. Viewers can often surmise the message of her works from theirtitles which are usually ambiguous. Alexandra Huber’sdepictions always incorporate pictorial and,at times, sarcastic word plays.


Alexandra Huber combines a variety of painting and drawing techniques in her art, which are an excellent source of inspiration for creating your own works of art here at the Kunsthalle. Aside from painting, you cantry out different ways to illustratewell-known sayings.