No two the same ...

16 March – 1 September 2013


Girl or woman? Boy or man? Feminine or masculine? Or rather a little of each? Life is like a roller coaster; we are ruled by our emotions. Do role models help? What are role models, anyway? Typical girls, typical boys?  

Everyone assumes a variety of roles throughout his or her life: as a child or adult, as a boyfriend or girlfriend, as a punk or a diva. The way we dress always reveals something about ourselves.

The works of contemporary artists in the Junge Kunsthalle are concerned with childhood, youth, and
gender-specific behavioural roles. The pieces selected are by some twelve artists who contend with such roles in a variety of ways. This includes critiques of obsessions with beauty as well as examining the
complexity of the self that lies behind the mask of conformity. Media images influence youth just as
actual childhood experiences do.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition, visitors can put on make-up, style their hair and take pictures of themselves in the activity rooms on the upper floor. An overflowing wardrobe offers limitless possibilities for transformation. Young people can play with their identities and change their roles in a light-hearted way. The works in the exhibition encourage visitors to discuss the issues at hand or even take up a brush and paint.

For young people ages 10 and up.

Participating artists
Frank Bauer, Mandy Friedrich, Friederike Gralle, Harding Meyer, Annika Morsch, Simone Lucas, Malte Lück, Pia Lanzinger, Markus Lenz, Anja Luithle, Elena Steiner, Ivonne Thein, Veronika Veit, Jorge Villalba

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