Grünewald’s ‘Christ Bearing the Cross’ from the Taubischofsheim Altarp...

Grünewald’s ‘Christ Bearing the Cross’ from the Taubischofsheim Altarpiece

The restoration of one of the most iconic works in German art

3 April – 21 September 2014

The panel ‘Christ Bearing the Cross’ has already undergone several years of restoration. As one side of what is now known as the Taubischofsheim Altarpiece, it was painted by Mathis Neithart Gothart (called Grünewald) around 1523/25. It will take several more years to remove from the large panel painting the stubborn layer of grime and the overpainting of previous misguided restoration attempts.

The Kunsthalle is now displaying the work in its current, midway state, allowing viewers to directly compare restored and unrestored sections and see for themselves the value of the laborious restoration work. The original bright colours have resurfaced, presenting a whole new aspect to Grünewald’s late Passion painting, a masterpiece of German art. The small exhibition also includes behind-the-scenes information on the restoration treatments carried out by a painting conservator at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe. On offer to accompany the display are guided tours and a special Good Friday concert.