Poetry & Passion

Shattered Illusions

Beckmann, Heckel, Dix, and the First World War

9 May – 3 August 2014


Collection display marking the 2014 Europäische Kulturtage
Paintings and works on paper


In the delirium of the jingoism of 1914, many artists willingly signed up to war. Some of them, such as August Macke and Franz Marc, were never to return. Others – Max Beckmann, Erich Heckel, and Otto Dix among them – tried to come to terms with their disturbing experiences by producing extraordinary artworks, partly while still in service and partly after their lucky return, but always in a state of utter disillusionment and profound spiritual despair.

A selection of important paintings, drawings, and prints from the Kunsthalle’s own collection will be on display in the Orangerie, in this impressive thematic showing that will run from 9 May until the KAMUNA museum night.

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