Acquired from “Jewish Assets”

Prints from the Former Haymann Collection

16 April–17 July 2016

The Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe is buying back from Rinah Alexander Lior of Israel some 75 Expressionist prints, held in eight portfolios, as well as an art book. Ms. Lior is the niece and rightful heir of Dr. Hermann Haymann of Badenweiler, a Jewish doctor who originally owned the works of art.

In 1943 the Kunsthalle acquired a large collection of various books and portfolios of prints and drawings from the regional tax office in Müllheim. Five years earlier, in 1938, Haymann had been forced to pledge these works on paper as security against debts incurred through the Jewish Property Tax and the Reich Flight Tax, which were mandatorily imposed on Jewish citizens by the Nazis. Only by pledging the collection was Haymann thus able to leave Germany for the United States. After the war, this acquisition was properly reported to the US Office of Military Government as a purchase from “Jewish assets” and the artworks were returned to Hermann Haymann in 1951. However, as part of ongoing provenance research at the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe a further eight portfolios and an art book have been found, which were apparently forgotten at the time of the restitution. After determining and locating the rightful owner, they have now been re-acquired by the Kunsthalle.
From 16 April to 3 July 2016, an exhibition will be held in memory of Herrmann Haymann and the fate of Jewish citizens in Baden-Württemberg and will feature this historical accession of works on paper.