Modern art at the Orangerie

New collection display

The much-loved works of modern art at the Kunsthalle can be viewed in the exhibition spaces of the Orangerie with an extensive selection from the collection’s holdings.


The Orangerie awaits you with a selection of familiar works from the collection as well as lesser-known artworks for you to discover on your tour of the exhibition – from Paul Cézanne to Ro­bert De­lau­nay, from Ernst Lud­wig Kirch­ner to Max Beck­mann, and from Sig­mar Polke to Ger­hard Rich­ter. In addition to the extensive collection of art from the Neue Sach­lich­keit (‘New Objectivity’) movement in Germany, the exhibition includes a large number of works by German artists from the post-war era for the first time in many years, such as Willi Mül­ler-Huf­schmid, Ernst Wil­helm Nay and Karl Hofer. French and German art forms the core of the modern art collection. Standalone works and smaller ensembles of superb quality give visitors an insight into the important modernist movements of the early 20th century.