29. Sep. 2012
20. Jan. 2013


Bonjour, Monsieur Corot!

Meeting a great painter


Accompanying the large Corot exhibition, a visit to the Junge Kunsthalle gives a glimpse into the lived reality of the 19th-century French painter.

Scenes played out in staged rooms bring to life the people who influenced Corot and the experiences that marked his life. In the café you can experience the bustle of urban life, recreated all around you. At another station, the visitor’s view opens onto a broadlandscape covered in trees and greeneryas the ground rustles and crackles under your feet.

Two children painting and model stand.
Younger visitors can discover and try out Corot’s styles of painting for themselves.

Visitors are encouraged to stop at the positioned easelsand contemplate natureas Corot drew and painted it. There is a tremendousamount to be seen in the studio as well, becauseaside from landscapes, Camille Corot also painted portraits of family members, friends, and even fictional characters.

In the activity rooms on the upper floor of the Junge Kunsthalle, younger visitors can discover and try out Corot’s styles of painting for themselves. This includes sketching techniques with charcoal and pencil, as well as oil and watercolour painting on variouspainting surfaces. Additionally, stage sets made by children and teenagers offer a spacefor theatre activities with costumes inspired by the fashions of Corot’s day and age. Visitors can also playfully stage scenes from Camille Corot’s paintings in a ‘Paper Theatre’.