13. Jul. 2019
29. Sep. 2019


Eric Hattan



The exhibition Eric Hattan – entlang presents eighteen videos by this Swiss artist, and winner of the 2016 Basler Kunstpreis.

Hattan, born in 1955, is famous not only for his installations, but also for his videos, now shown at the Kunsthalle using monitors, and wall projections that structure the exhibition space.

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These works, expressing the artist’s interest in remote locations and transient encounters, were made using the simplest technology during his travels on several continents. His videos are not staged; they merely reflect what an observant onlooker may note while strolling on the outskirts of a city, watching the ordinary movements of animals and humans, or just looking at common objects and natural phenomena.

Visiting this exhibition, you will discover abandoned buildings, men and women at work, bizarre remains of yesteryear, and forgotten places with eerie atmospheres. Hattan has a penchant for showing the unexpected, as well as people and phenomena that usually go unnoticed. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes that reveals a strange and “upside down” world.

In some of his works, the dynamics of a given process seem to unravel before the camera’s eye – poetic, absurd, or even grotesque.

To have a shelf life

The installation To have a shelf life was developed jointly by Silvia Bächli and Eric Hattan. It involves recycled shelves with horizontal lines and is presented for a short time in the splendid Green Hall of the Kunsthalle.

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