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François Boucher, whose work is considered the epitome of French Rococo art, is featured at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe – the first Boucher exhibition in Germany.

Bouchers compositions are typical of their time and inspired a wealth of tapestries and stage sets as well as furniture and porcelain designs. On the 250th anniversary of the passing of this influential artist, who was favoured by Madame de Pompadour among others, the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe is presenting the first monograph ever dedicated to him in Germany. The exhibition continues the tradition established by the House of Baden and in particular the margravine Caroline Louise, who ordered two pastorals from Boucher in 1759.

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The works on display, expressive and virtuoso sketches as well as paintings that are remarkable for their harmonious palette, point up the artist’s creative process. His style at the interface between naturalistic and synthetic rendering influenced painters until the advent of modern art. At the same time, with its inventiveness, imagination and irony, Boucher’s work is rooted in the tradition of the Enlightenment.

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