13. Jul. 2019
29. Sep. 2019


Silvia Bächli



The exhibition Silvia Bächli – shift presents some seventy works by this Swiss sketch artist, who ranks among the most outstanding of her generation at an international level.

The subtle works, combined with the advantageous features of the venue, reflect the multifaceted interaction between drawing, exhibition space and viewer. Drawing as a means to express something seen or experienced, or as the relationship between head and body, sensation and vision, discovery and artistic invention, a single work and a series: these are the dichotomies addressed in the Silvia Bächli – shift exhibition.

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The artwork shows a gray color area on a white background.
Silvia Bächli: Ohne Titel (sb2011_112), 2011

Shown on a sixteen-meter table, drawings created between 1983 and 2019 illustrate the changes in Silvia’s style: where she once rendered the female body in an expressive manner, she progressively reduced the strokes, ultimately creating transparent pictures of torsos and other body parts.

Recent small sculptures are exhibited in a thirty-five meter hall next to colourful drawings that the artist created during a scholarship in London from August 2018 until early 2019.

Exhibition Catalogue

A bilingual catalogue with a wealth of pictures and texts by Kirsten Voigt (curator of the exhibition), Pia Müller-Tamm (head of Kunsthalle Karlsruhe) and Ilma Rakusa (writer) published by Kerber Verlag Berlin is available for €29 at the museum, bookstores and the Kunsthalle’s online shop.

To have a shelf life

The installation To have a shelf life was developed jointly by Silvia Bächli and Eric Hattan. It involves recycled shelves with horizontal lines and is presented for a short time in the splendid Green Hall of the Kunsthalle.

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